replyReviewStateEnabled API for iOS

Request to enable replyReviewStateEnabled API in iOS.
The current document suggest the API is available for Android only.

Using pdftron-react-native - version - “3.0.2-beta.3”


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Hi Elice,

Yes, this is something we can add for iOS. We will let you know when we have a build ready for your feedback, likely in 2-3 weeks.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi James,

Any progress on this ticket? I see replyReviewStateEnabled is still Android only.
If so, can you give me a timeline on when you can enable it for iOS as our development is dependent on this.


Hi Elice,
Thanks for your patience regarding this feature.
The latest official release of the native PDFTron iOS SDK, version 9.1.2, includes the ability to add annotation review states. Note that when the collabEnabled prop is set to true, the replyReviewStateEnabled prop is enabled by default.
Please let us know how the latest version works for you and if you have any questions.

For our use case we want the collabEnabled prop to be set to true, while the replyReviewStateEnabled prop set to false.

As you have mentioned, does enabling collabEnabled prop overrides a set prop on replyReviewStateEnabled ?

Here’s my code snippet

                    ref={c => (this._viewer = c)}
                    onDocumentLoaded={filepath => {
              "The document has finished loading:", filepath);

But for both Android and iOS, I am still able to see replyReviewStateEnabled prop enabled even if set to false.

Please tell me if my understanding is correct here as well as if we can explicitly have replyReviewStateEnabled prop set to false.


Hi Elice,

Are you able to provide a working sample project that we can run as-is to reproduce the behaviour you’re seeing on Android?
In our testing the behaviour is as expected:

Regarding iOS: the React Native wrapper has not yet been updated to support the replyReviewStateEnabled prop but we are working on it. I can let you know when it’s available.

Hi Jamie,

Would appreciate if you can provide me with a timeline as to when the react native wrapper for iOS be supported. As we have a dependency on this feature.


Hi Elice,

Apologies for the delay.
The change is dependent on a fix in the native iOS SDK so we are not yet able to merge it into the wrapper however it is available to use in the ios-annotReplyState branch:

As mentioned this is dependent on an update to the native iOS SDK so you will need to use a recent stable nightly podspec:

Hi @elice.priyadarshini,

We have made a change to the React Native wrapper so that it now uses a different podspec for linking the native iOS PDFTron SDK:

This will require you to modify your Podfile to point to the new podspec as described in the installation steps:

This new podspec includes the necessary changes for the replyReviewStateEnabled prop so that is also now available in the master branch of the wrapper:

Please let us know if you are able to update and if it’s working for you.

Thank you for your patience.