SelectText should not add new line for a regular sentence

I was using getSelectedText to extract selected text on PDF. However, it adds a line breaker \n into a long sentence which normally wraps. I would not expect the \n to be there as you normally copy-paste from a PDF reader (Adobe, Preview etc.)

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Hi kern
Thanks for contacting Webviewer Support.
To assist you better, I need to ask you more information.

  • What’s the current Webviewer version are you using?
  • Can you reproduce it into the demo page?
  • is there any example file you can share with me?
  • Could you please give me the steps to reproduce it.

Best Regards

Hi Jack,

Thanks for getting back to me so quick. Actually there is another bug (Cannot copy PDF content) which block me from reproducing bugs in the demo page. I’ll let you know once I am able to reproduce it.