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I got wrong paragraphId and flowId based on this sample:
https://www.pdftron.com/documentation/samples/js/TextExtractTest (example4Advanced)

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I’m uploading a text pdf to webviewer and I wonder to detect text paragraphs based on the sample above, that gives me paragraphId of each line from the pdf.
The code from the sample works well, but getting wrong flowId and paragraphId.
I’m testing with this file:
test from illustrator.pdf (797.3 KB)

In that file I have 7 different paragraphs, but with the sample code it detect 8 paragraphs, and some of those paragraphs are separated, like the ones that have break line inside the paragraph.
this is a picture from the wevViewer of what I got.

and finally this is a picture from illustrator where I create the PDF.

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Can you post here what result you are getting and what it should be?

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Current result
current-result.html (2.0 KB)

Expected result
expected-result.html (2.0 KB)

The lines: - start of block
- paragraph 1
- end of block
should belong to the same paragraph ID as they are created in one text block.
I hope you understand me, if not let me know :wink:

We cannot open the html file, can you send us image files?