The Arabic language is show with issue in water mark

Product: android Sdk

Product Version: 9.1.0

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when add water mark with arabic language it show LTR not RTL

and when applied font not solve this issue

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1-when i using watermark fragment and typing the text in arabic it was showing with issue

this the code to use watermark fragment

CODE : val fragment = WatermarkDialog.newInstance(pdfviewctrl)!!,

2- and this the same when i using stamper when added the text programmatically show with the same error

CODE: val watermark = Stamper(Stamper.e_relative_scale, 2.5, 0.1)

the there are 2 files attached showing the error

it should show like this (حليم) but the output is like (م ي ل ح)

I thought this issue was caused due to the font I tried to apply one. but when the font is applied the shape of characters is changed but still separated.


Instead of stamping the text, it is possible to stamp a PDF page with FreeText written in Arabic.

You can create a new PDFDoc, a new page, then create the FreeText on the page shown in:

Then, you can stamp the page via:,%20com.pdftron.pdf.Page,%20com.pdftron.pdf.PageSet)

Could you please give it a try?