The Pdf Viewer got zoomed to Top Left portion of the PDF for the first time pinch zoom.

We are using PDFtron in our Xamarin based application and we are using the PDFTron version 6.10.3.

We are facing on usability issue which is noticed in iOS devices alone, not in android.

Whenever the user zoom the PDF file using the pinch zoom, for the first time after loading the pdf file in the Viewer, it gets zoomed to the top left side of the PDF file.
I am able to reproduce the issue with the below lines of code

pdfViewCtrl = new PDFViewCtrl(Element.Bounds.ToRectangleF());
toolManager = new pdftron.PDF.Tools.PTToolManager(pdfViewCtrl);
if (toolManager.Tool != null)
toolManager.Tool.PageIndicatorIsVisible = true;
toolManager.PageIndicatorEnabled = true;
pdfViewCtrl.ToolManager = toolManager;

pdfDoc = new PDFDoc(pdffilepath);
pdfViewCtrl.Doc = TypeConvertHelper.ConvPDFDocToNative(pdfDoc);
pdfViewCtrl.PagePresentationMode = PagePresentationModes.e_single_continuous;


This issue has been resolved in later version of the SDK. Could you please download the latest version and see if that resolves the issue?

Thank you,


Hi James,
I have Updated Both PDFtron.iOS and PDFTron.iOS.Tool 7.1.1 But still I am facing the first time zoom issue, But it is not reproducible in pdf files whose page size is equal to that of an e-Book, But it is reproducible in bigger page sized pdf files

Hi James,
Is there any updates on this issue.


Sorry to hear that the problem is persisting. In order to resolve the issue, could you please provide a PDF that we can use to reproduce the issue here, plus a video showing the reproduction of the issue?

This can be done via a support ticket, filed here:

Thank you,

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