The Webviewer is too slow when I use in Interner explorer in my react -app

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No, my app performs too slow when I use it in IE, other components are working fine …only the webviewer , takes too much time loading the pdf.
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May be I can.
Are you using the WebViewer server?
Does the issue only happen on certain browsers?
Interner Exlorer
Is your issue related to a front-end framework?
I am using react as the framework and also it has polyfills implemented to make it Internet Eplorer compatible
Is your issue related to annotations?

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The web viewer loads PDF too slow in Internet Explorer

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I made an app in react using the webviwer. I need to run that in Internet Explorer. For that i added polyfills too so that it could be IE compatible. The app does open and works as intended but its too slow.
The Webviewer takes too much time in loading the pdfs .
I would request you to kindly provided me solutions so that i can render pdfs in the viewer in IE with a minimal loading time

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Using client-side rendering of WebViewer is slow in IE, it is a known issue and there is nothing we can do about it. IE has a number of issues, e.g. IE has limited memory, IE’s JavaScript engine is slow, etc. For more information you can read here
If you want to support an old browser like IE, we recommend WebViewer with a server option. With server options, most of the rendering happens on the server and not in IE.

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