Unable to install npm install github:PDFTron/pdftron-react-native --save


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[Output] Error: Unable to resolve module prop-types from <PROJECT_ROOT>\node_modules\react-native-pdftron\index.js: prop-types could not be found within the project.

[Output] If you are sure the module exists, try these steps:
[Output] 1. Clear watchman watches: watchman watch-del-all
[Output] 2. Delete node_modules and run yarn install
[Output] 3. Reset Metro’s cache: yarn start --reset-cache
[Output] 4. Remove the cache: rm -rf /tmp/metro-*
Please provide a link to a minimal sample where the issue is reproducible:

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Hi, could you please ensure you’ve followed the getting started instruction step by step without skipping any steps as described here: GitHub - PDFTron/pdftron-react-native: A convenience wrapper for building react native apps with PDFTron mobile SDK. ?

We offer sample project here: GitHub - PDFTron/react-native-sample: Sample to demonstrate integrating PDFTron in React Native
Could you try running this one to see if it works in your environment? If the sample works, could you please compare the differences with your project?