Unable to open files in webviewer on chrome browser

WebViewer Version: 5.0

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=>For chrome & edge browser files are not opening.
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=>Files are not opening in chrome browser.

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Hello @roshni.gupta

In order to help you, I will need more information:
1 - Are you using WebViewer version 5? If so, could you update it? Many issues and improvements were made since this version came out.
2 - What do you mean by “not open on Chrome”? It does not open in the Chrome PDF viewer or in the WebViewer accessed through Chrome?
3 - Can you provide a file that is not opening on Chrome?

While accessing file in webviewer through Chrome Browser files are not opening. It will open sometime after hard refresh,

We are trying to upgrade it from version 5 to version 8 and just replaced the lib folder as per

We are still facing the same issue even after replacing the lib folder. Please let us know what things to be change/migrate to make it work.

Error found in console:
Uncaught Reference Error: PDFTron is not defined
Uncaught Type Error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘on’)

Files type uploaded: pdf,excel,ppt,word,jpg,png etc

Hello @roshni.gupta

Those look like the breaking changes mentioned in step 3 of the guide you followed: Check for breaking changes on changelogs.

If you could share the custom code you are running (config file or WebViewer constructor callback), I can try to help you identify where the issue is.

Thank you so much. I had updated webviewer version to and it is working proper.

Our application uses multiple file type. There is xlsm file which we are not able to view.
Error says : File format xlsm is not supported.

Hello @roshni.gupta

Just to double-check: It’s now working properly and you don’t need any further assistance, right?

Yes its resolved. Thanks


I am getting below error while viewing few files . I am not getting exactly what is the meaning of below error. Can you please help me out?
Error on console : WebViewer Server complete job (pageinfo.json) failed: unable to complete fetch of
Convert task exception: document layout failed: basic_string::substr

Hello @roshni.gupta

Since this question is unrelated to the original topic of this thread, I will kindly ask you to open post a new question. This will help us to keep track of the questions easier and be able to respond quicker.

Okay. Thank you so much.