Unable to turn off Apple pencil input on PDF file when PTPan tool is selected

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Unable to turn off Apple pencil input on PDF file when PTPan tool is selected.

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I am unable to turn off Apple pencil input when the default annotation tool is PTPanTool. Please find the steps below to reproduce this issue.

  1. Initialize the PDFNet framework
    [PTPDFNet Initialize:PDFNet_License_Key];

  2. Initialize the PTPDFViewCtrl.
    PTPDFViewCtrl *_pdfViewCtrl = [[PTPDFViewCtrl alloc] init];

  3. Initialize the PTToolManager.
    PTToolManager *_toolManager = [[PTToolManager alloc] initWithPDFViewCtrl:_pdfViewCtrl];
    _pdfViewCtrl.toolDelegate = _toolManager;

  4. Initialize PDF document and set in the PDFViewCtrl class
    PTPDFDoc *_docToOpen = [[PTPDFDoc alloc] initWithFilepath:_PDFFilePath];
    [_pdfViewCtrl SetDoc:_docToOpen];

  5. Select default annotation tool
    [_toolManager changeTool:[PTPanTool class]];

  6. Determines if an Apple Pencil should immediately draw ink
    PTToolsSettingsManager *toolManager = [PTToolsSettingsManager sharedManager];
    toolManager.applePencilDrawsInk = NO;
    toolManager.pencilInteractionMode = PTPencilInteractionModeSystem;

  7. Apple pencil input is still working on PDF files.

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I believe you also submitted a support ticket regarding this issue:

I have responded to you in that ticket.