Underline error in Richtext on Safari

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Underline error in Richtext on Safari

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Firstly, I insert a new freeText with Montserrat/ Noto Sans/ Oswald,…
After that, I underline to those FreeText.
Secondly, I increase fontSize greater than 25px.
Then a UI bug occurs on Safari, not Chrome.

I found the reason to be textBaseline always to be alphabetic on Context canvas. I try to set the textBaseline to be bottom but it doesn’t work. Cause Context canvas always restore, it makes textBaseline always to be alphabetic after per drawing.

Can you adjust it in CoreControls?

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May I have the code you’re using? Thanks.

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This is my example code. Let me know if you can’t reproduce it. Thanks!

var freeText = new Annotations.FreeTextAnnotation();
  freeText.setPadding(new Annotations.Rect(0, 0, 0, 0));
  freeText.PageNumber = 1;
  freeText.setContents("My Text");
  freeText.FontSize = '25px';
  freeText.Font = 'Oswald';
    0: {
        color: "#0f0f0f", 
        'text-decoration': "underline",
    6: {}

  var annotManager = core.docViewer.getAnnotationManager();


I’m able to reproduce the issue on my side. But after looking at the code, I found that we have our own logic of calculating the position of the underline and draw it manually. I’m still investigating and will keep you posted.



I have created a fix for FreeText in Safari. Attached is the new look for underline and line-through in Safari. The fix is in review right now, thanks for your patience.



The fix should be available in the next official release of WebViewer. If you need it in other versions, please let me know.


It’s so great news.
Thank you for your debug and support.
I’m sure to look forward to this in the next version.
Nice going!