Using PDFNet for export PDF to multi-page tiff

Q: We have multi page pdf documents (black and white 1bpp), we need
each converted to a single tiff file.
In the SDK I found PDFDraw class, but it seems to be doing it only
page by page. I was going to use PDFDraw.Export, not sure though if
tiff is even covered?

A: You can also use PDFNet to convert PDF to G4 tiff using PDFDraw.
For example:

pdfdraw.Export(page, "my.tiff", "TIFF", mono_hint);

wehre 'mono_hint' is defined as in PDFDraw sample (http:// code snippet #4).

To export multi-page tiff you would need to use pdfdraw.GetBitmap()
method and export the multi-page TIFF using .NET (http://, libtiff,

You can also use PDFTron PDF2Image (
to convert PDF multipage tiff with ccitt g4 format (using options --
multipage and --mono).

Starting with PDFNet 6.3, you can now generate multi page TIFF with just PDFNet (no dependency) using PDF.Convert.ToTiff() API function.