Using PDFTron Mobile SDK to build multiplatfrom apps for Android, iOS, and Windows App Store


We are planning to use PDFTron Mobile SDK in our app that will target multiple mobile platforms ( we are starting with Android, iOS, and Windows App Store).

Can we use the same library for both iOS and Android?

Or is this going to be a separate programming effort?


The answer to this question depends in your choice of app framework. PDFTron offers exactly the same core C/C++ API across all platforms (iOS, Android, WinRT, WP8, desktop, etc.). So if you use C++ on all platforms, technically you can have a single code base (see

Most mobile apps are not implemented in pure C++ but are built on some app frameworks (which are based on Java, Objective-C, C#, JS, etc.). There are some cross-platform frameworks (like Xamarin) that are trying to make is simpler to develop on multiple mobile platforms from a single programming language. Some of our clients have been using PDFNet with Xamarin for years. In order to simplify their life and make PDFNet more fun to use on Xamarin PDFTron has developed “PDFNet SDK for Xamarin”. You can download the release candidate version using the following link:

The library will be officially released within next couple of weeks.

If you are evaluating this library we are looking forward to your feedback (please sent it to

Btw. If it also possible to use PDFNet from other app frameworks (e.g. titanium, apache cordova, etc.), however at the moment, we do not provide pre-packaged bindings.

FYI: Here are some new into tutorials to help you started with PDFNet for Xamarin.