Watermark Font Family

Product: PDFTronSDK

Product Version: PDFTron.NetCore.Windows.x64(9.3.0)

Is there any way through i could add Arial Font family of text added through writer ? i have shared my code as well.

myFont = pdftron.PDF.Font.Create(pdfdoc,
element = eb.CreateTextBegin(myFont, font_sz);


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Hi Haider,

Please try taking a look at the following community post:

Please let me know how this works for you, and if you have any further questions.

After implementation of suggested code. it is printing some weird text.

string ProcedureVersion = "Revision 855(Copy1)(Copy1)(Copy1)(Copy1)(Copy1)(Copy1) (Copy 1)";

 myFont = Font.Create(pdfdoc, "Arial", ProcedureVersion);      
  element = eb.CreateTextBegin(myFont, font_sz);

Text that i gave : Revision 855(Copy1)(Copy1)(Copy1)(Copy1)(Copy1)(Copy1) (Copy 1)
Text that is printing : 剥癩獩潮‸㔵⡃潰礱⤨䍯灹ㄩ⡃潰礱⤨䍯灹ㄩ⡃潰礱⤨䍯灹ㄩ 䍯灹

As well please tell me is there any way to make font bold after implementing this code.


Hi Haider,

Can you confirm that you are running elementBuilder.CreateUnicodeTextRun() rather than CreateTextRun()? If not, please change this as it is likely what is causing your issue.

If you are still having problems, please share the entirety of your code.


Yes, it did work for me after changing it to

eb.CreateUnicodeTextRun($"Page {itr.GetPageNumber()} of {pdfdoc.GetPageCount()}");

Thanks for this.

Can you please guide me how we could make it bold ? text we have stamped ?

Hi Haider,

Please view the following post: