WebViewer issue - notesInLeftPanel

WebViewer Version: 8.5.0

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I’m upgrading from v6.1.1 to v8.5.0 but would like to keep the Notes panel on the left-hand side. I came across the notesInLeftPanel constructor option added in v7.1.0; however, when I set that to true I am just getting notesPanelButton in leftPanel, but nothing else is appearing in that space when the button is selected. I searched for the element in the document but my query returned null: document.querySelector(“div[data-element=‘notesPanel’]”) - a similar query for ‘leftPanel’ does return an element as expected.

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Add “notesInLeftPanel: true,” to the WebViewer constructor

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Hello @ryan.minogue

I’ve just tried to use that option and it worked as expected. Here is a snapshot of the resulting WebViewer when notesInLeftPanel is true:

Are you using a custom UI or the native 8.5 UI?

Thanks for your reply @dfelix . I’m using the native UI with this constructor:

path: ‘pdftron/lib’,
initialDoc: file,
extension: ‘pdf’,
fullAPI: true,
notesInLeftPanel: true,
disabledElements: [‘ribbons’, ‘menuButton’, ‘searchButton’, ‘undoButton’, ‘redoButton’],
}, document.getElementById(‘viewer’))

But the UI is showing like this:


If I remove the “notesInLeftPanel: true” argument - with no other changes - I can see the annotations appearing on the right side as expected:

Checking the console in Chrome developer tools I can see the same pair of errors appearing in both cases, but nothing that looks like an obvious explanation for why the notesPanel element is missing.

Refused to get unsafe header “Content-Range”
e.onreadystatechange @ webviewer-core.min.js:1142

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘eB’)
at ca.Ah (webviewer-core.min.js:407:216)

Hello @ryan.minogue


Can you try using the current nightly experimental build (for testing purposes only) and see if it works? Please let me know.

Here is the link to the experimental build: https://www.pdftron.com/nightly/#experimental/2022-06-06/webviewer/

Hey @dfelix , unfortunately not seeing any difference

Hello @ryan.minogue

Then it’s probably something else.

Do you have any custom code on top of WebViewer (Config file or WebViewer constructor callback)?

Can you send me the object that is logged in the developer’s console when you instantiate WebViewer? It should have your current Core and UI version.

Hey @dfelix

While looking for the logged object I happened to notice we were initializing PDFNet in demo mode, and after adding the license key to that call the notesInLeftPanel functionality seems to be working fine. Interestingly this has not been giving us any problems with the older WebViewer version (6.1.1) so I guess that’s why it went unnoticed. On the topic though - is there a minimum version of the PDFNet jar that is required for compatibility with the latest WebViewer version (8.5.0)?

Hello @ryan.minogue

Thanks for the feedback.

The PDFNet version WebViewer 8.5 uses behind the scenes is 9.2, so I would try to match it.

Hi @dfelix

Unfortunately after reverting from the experimental build (WebViewer-8.6.0_2022-06-06_experimental) to the latest production version v8.5.0, the notesPanel element has disappeared again. I upgraded our PDFNet version from v7.1 to v9.2 but that didn’t make any difference; with either PDFNet version the notesInLeftPanel functionality is working with WebViewer v8.6 but not v8.5.

Hello @ryan.minogue

If the experimental build works for you, I would wait for 8.6 which is scheduled to be released tomorrow (Maybe the beginning of the next week at most).

To get notified of the next official release, you can join our Discourse Announcements channel: https://community.pdftron.com/t/about-the-announcements-category/3750