WebViewer server docker container is unhealthy


When I running WebViewer server docker container it’s constantly shown as “unhealthy”.

  1. Is it an issue and how can I fix it?
  2. Is it possible automatically restart container when it becomes unresponsive (but still running)?

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We’ll take a look at this issue. Thanks.


@Ramzi_Chennafi Could you help take a look at this ticket? Thanks a lot!

Hi Aevtukh,

If your container is reporting unhealthy right at startup then there is likely an issue with your configuration. Can you provide the logs from your containers and your configuration? You can provide them through https://pastebin.com/


This is my config file: # This compose file provides an example of attaching multiple webviewer-server i - Pastebin.com

Also I have multiple errors in the event log:

@Ramzi_Chennafi any updates on this?