When is pdftron.PDF.Element.PathSegmentType.e_conicto used?

Q: I’m guessing that the Path Construction Operators ‘c’, ‘v’, and
‘y’ (Table 4.9 of Section 4.4.1 Path Construction Operators of the PDF
Reference 1.7) correspond to
pdftron::PDF::Element::PathSegmentType::e_cubicto, but what operator
corresponds to e_conicto?
A: Correct. ‘c’, ‘v’, and ‘y’ correspond to

You will never get PathSegmentType::e_conicto when extracting from PDF
content streams. The only place you may run into quadratic/conic
Bezier curves is if you use pdftron.PDF.Font.GetGlyphPath() to extract
outlines from embedded TrueType fonts. Even in this case you can pass
in 'conics2cubics' flag to convert all quadratic to cubic curves (i.e.