When selecting the second document in 'multi-viewer mode', the Notes Panel does not update to show the second documents annotations

Product: WebViewer

Product Version: “@pdftron/webviewer”: “^10.0.0”

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When selecting the second document in ‘multi-viewer mode’, the Notes Panel does not update to show the second documents annotations

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  1. Load two documents in WebViewer in multi-viewer mode.
  2. Select the document on the right hand side by clicking it.
  3. Anntote the right hand side document.
  4. Open the notes panel.
  5. The annotations for the right hand document does not show.

Hi Deon

We don’t currently have this on our roadmap but, we will add it to the backlog for our product team to review for feasibility and viability.

We don’t have a timeline for when it will be fixed but if it does get fixed we’ll let you know when it’s available in an experimental build to test out and the estimated official release date. If you have a desired timeline for having this issue fixed please let us know and we’ll do our best to work with you on how this can fit into the release schedule.


Good morning,

Thanks for the response. Ideally having this fixed as soon as possible would be great, as we’re releasing the side by side view in a few weeks (but can work around this issue by disabling annotations on the right hand side document and explaining to the user), but consider this to be requirement for the feature (since the thumbnail panel, outlines and search all update when the right hand document is selected).

Just another question, is there a way via the SDK to get the actively selected document? I know you are able to grab all the document viewers using Core.getDocumentViewers(), but I was wondering if there was a way to determine which one is active?

Thanks again.

Hey Deon
Currently we don’t have API to set which document is active. Can I know what case do you want to do.

Maybe here is a work around for you. You could just custom UI by your self. You could follow this guide to know how to do the customization. You need to do the similar function with this line to set which document is active.


The use case for this is if you want to apply some action to the selected viewer/active viewer, I think this is a pretty general use case.

Hi Deon
We added a backlog for your issue. Please use the custom solution first, we will let you know when we make a solution for it.