Where can I find an API reference for PDFNet's Python bindings?


I’m trying to find out what APIs are available for PDFNet’s Python bindings. Where are they?


Regarding gathering API information for PDFNet’s Python wrappers, this is something we have not yet added into our SWIG wrappers (although we do plan to add such documentation in the future). For most of our customers, this has not been necessary since they have been able to use the following alternatives:

  1. Our C/C++ API reference: At https://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/docs/PDFNetC/index.html you can find our C++ API reference. Since our Python wrappers are built from the C++ API, you can find references here for APIs used within Python.

  2. Interactive Python API listings: Inside an interactive Python environment, you can use “help()” to gather a listing of APIs. For example, “help(PDFDoc)” will list the APIs available for PDFDoc (assuming you’ve loaded PDFNet within Python).

  3. PDFNetPython.py: Inside this file, included with the Python wrappers, you can find Python code listing out all of PDFNet’s APIs.