Why does GetFontSize() always returns 1.0?

My company is in need of a better PDF extraction tool.
I need to extract precise text and image data from PDFs.

I was running the ElementReaderAdvTest program. I modified it to call
the function “gs->GetFontSize()” which was commented out in the code.
When I use this function it always returns a value of “1.0” for every
font. Is this a bug or is it an intentional limitation of the 60 day
testing SDK?


You may want to take a look at the following FAQ entry:

Why does GetFontSize() always returns 1.0?

inline double GetRealHeight(double dy, const Matrix2D& mtx) {
double x = mtx.m_c * dy;
double y = mtx.m_d * dy;
return sqrt(xx + yy);

double font_sz = GetRealHeight(gs.GetFontSize(), element.GetCTM() *