Wrong file rotation on using print()

WebViewer Version: 7.2.0

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Wrong file rotation on using print()

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I want to print my current view using print() function.

Here is my current pdf preview:

Then i call print() function and the dialog is displaying:

Finally the printed file is rotated and i don’t know how to fix it:

Even if i rotated file on preview, the printing file is always rotated as above.

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I tested using Webviewer 7.2, and I could not reproduce this. Could you please send me a problematic file? As well as the configuration file for WebViewer.

My email is jhu@pdftron.com.

Jason Hu
Web Development Support Engineer
PDFTron Systems, Inc.


Thanks for sending the file.

I just discussed this with my colleague, print makes it appear like how it looks by default in the viewer, with the note that if a document has a larger width than the height we will rotate it 90 degrees so it fits better on a portrait orientation paper.

That being said, if you would like to change the layout, you would have to do it in the print modal(browser print modal).
Jason Hu
Web Development Support Engineer
PDFTron Systems, Inc.

Hello @awejasonhu

I just up this topic because I have the same problem:

When, as you said, I try to print a document with a larger width than height, it rotates it in 90 degrees automatically.
It could not be a big problem, but the big problem is that the comments (annotations) in the document just lose their location.
Basically, the new background which is simulated to fit the browser layout print in the modal absolutely doesn’t respect locations and distances between annotations:

Inside the viewer, I let one comment in each border of the image (total of 4 yellow, as you can see):

Within the Chrome print modal (it’s a bit better with Edge but not perfect) it rotates (not good for us but it’s ok, but on top of that, it redeploy annotations in some strange locations which are not right):

How can we handle that, please?
The objective is to save the exact location related to the artwork (with or without rotation, and with and without adding borders to fit the standard format page).

Thanks in advance for your help,