XFA pdfs display in WebViewer

We are new to webviewer and trying to do a PoC to do analysis on the feasibility of this product whether it suits our requirement or not. We are trying to load a XFA pdfs to be displayed in WebViewer. Is PDFTron WebViewer supports the XFA Pdfs (we have some validations on the elements of the pdf)? or Is there any way we can convert the file to PDF format supported by WebViewer?

Thank you

Thanks for contacting support.

We do not support pure XFA forms. And since they were deprecated from PDF spect there are no concrete plans for supporting them down the road.
Adobe Livecycle may offer tools to save XFA as standard PDF (a.k.a. AcroForm) but we didn’t evaluate their tools.

You may also found the following guide be useful:

Let me know if you have more questions.