XFDF annotation flatten

i have xfdf for an pdf, when i merge XFDF in to pdf i need to flatten that field is it possible? if yes how can i do that in golang

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It is possible to flatten a fields once they have been merged. You can call the PDFDoc.FlattenAnnotations(true) method which will flatten only forms. Alternatively, you can pass false to the method to flatten all annotations on the document.

You can refer to the C++ documentation here for more information (which is the same as Golang).

i need to flatten before all fields merged.

As per the document if i set particular filed to read_only then it should not be deletable. you can see here Doc

Just to clarify, you would like to flatten all annotations on the documents prior to merging the XFDF into it? If so, you can just call PDFDoc.FlattenAnnotations(true) prior to calling FDFMerge (or MergeXFDF).

If this is not what you are looking for, could you please provide us with a sample input (xfdf and PDF) and your desired output?

Thank you.

Here it is what i want let’s say i have one pdf and there are two user whom i want to sign pdf , when one user signed the pdf i don’t want other user to modify first user sign, i am attaching the example pdf,xfdf and issue snapshot .

in sample_screen.PNG you can see other user can delete first user sign, i don’t want that

sample.xfdf (2.6 KB)
sample.pdf (12.2 KB)