2nd generation PDF file, with copied page changes annotation.

I am working with a two stage process of imposition and re-ordering PDF pages. For the first generation we add an annotation to the page with a key icon. When this is printed from Acrobat the key and annotation text do not appear. But after passing it through a second stage of page copying into a new document, the annotation text is gone, and when printing, the key icon is printed as though it were a bitmap on the page.

We are using the very latest PDFTron.NET

Typically when printing PDF files, you can specify whether annotations are printed or not. So it sounds like that at least might explain part of what you are seeing.

Also there are flags that can be set on an annotation to control whether it prints

To clarify, are you creating two annotations? One with text, and the other with the key icon?

And by “key icon is printed as though it were a bitmap” I assume you mean it appears pixelated or low resolution?

Can you post the code you use to create the annotations, and, if you can, the two documents?