About annotation grouping

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webviewer 10.1.0

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About annotation grouping.

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  1. Group annotations.

  2. Deleting from the delete button removes all grouped annotations.

  3. But, if it is an eraser, it will be one by one.
    (grouped annotations)

Just to confirm, is it a specification ?
(I would like to know the answer to explain to the customer.)

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I believe we are trying to be close to Adobe in behavior in certain areas. In Adobe, the eraser tool will still erase path points from a free hand annotation (even when grouped), but it will not delete other annotations.

However, this can be confusing in WebViewer when the eraser has a path indicating what will be deleted. So the eraser tool in WebViewer will delete annotations as well as remove points from paths. Being able to delete annotations when part of a group is likely just an extension of that behavior, as well as treating annotations as drawings on the document.

Let me know if this answers your question!


Thank you for reply.

Got it! Thank you for sharing.