About CustomFilter in PDFNet iOS SDK 6.2.1


We want to implement a CustomFilter for decryption. Then we found always compile failed in xcode 5.1.1. We checked out the CustomFilter in Samples, it also did not work.
Compiler always show that some header files can not be found. like #include <C/Common/*.h>, We checked out header files in PDFNet framework, we can not find those header files. We found there are “C” and “Common” directories in Android SDK headers. But there are no such directories in PDFNet.framework.

We set the build settings in xcode, like set C++ standard library to libc++. it also did not work. We also set CustomFilter as CustomFilter.mm.

Should we do some extra settings?

By the way, the CustomFilter in Samples also compile failed in Sample Projects “Complete Reader”.

Hi Moka,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have recently moved from a static library and loose collection of header files to a framework, and in that transition the C++ header files lost the folder structure. This will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime if you remove the referenced folder structure before the header file, it should work (i.e. change #include <C/Common/header.h> to #include <header.h>. Or, you could recreate the structure inside the framework. I will send you a link next week to a build where this has been done.

Best Regards,