About error " WebViewerJS version not found."

WebViewer Version: Cire 8.7.0

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i installed this pacakge by yarn.
And PDFTron is applied on nuxt project
But happen error on console.

closeDocument.js:69 WebViewerJS version not found. Please update webviewer.min.js to the latest version.

what can i do for solving this error?


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Hello @laneyson.dev

I was not able to reproduce the issue. Here is what I’ve tried:

  • Opened the terminal
  • Cloned https://github.com/PDFTron/webviewer-nuxtjs-sample.git into a new folder
  • Went to that new folder with the cloned repository
  • Ran yarn to install the dependencies
  • Opened package.json and changed WebViewer’s version to ^8.7.0
  • Ran yarn again to update WebViewer’s package
  • Ran yarn build
  • Ran yarn start
    At this point, everything was working as expected on localhost:3000

Were these the steps you took to setup your project?