About file formats supported by webviewer

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"@pdftron/webviewer": "^8.7.0",
"@pdftron/webviewer-video": "^4.27.0",

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About file formats supported by webviewer.

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Didn’t it also support mpeg/mpg, mov, etc before?

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Nothing, question only.

We support these formats if you enableShakaPlayer when loading a video: Documentation Module: @pdftron/webviewer-video

There are certain files that unfortunately do not work with WebViewer Video, but the majority should work (if it is an official file type that we support). If you have an issue with a specific file, please send it over and I can debug.


Thank you for your replay.

I have an additional question.

Will mov be officially supported again in the future?

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Unfortunately I am unsure for that timeline currently.