Acrobat reader crashes when I use "SetIntentName"


I am having an issue when creating some annotations and saving the document.

All goes well (in my program), until I try to open the result in acrobat reader (All versions)…

Using the following code:

pdftron.PDF.Annots.FreeText txt = pdftron.PDF.Annots.FreeText.Create( m_PdfDocument.GetSDFDoc(), pos );
txt.SetAppearance( CreateMyAppearance( m_PdfDocument, annotation, pos ));
txt.SetContents( annotation );
//txt.SetIntentName( FreeText.IntentName.e_FreeTextTypeWriter);

txt.SetBorderStyle( new Annot.BorderStyle( Annot.BorderStyle.Style.e_solid, 0 ) );
pag.AnnotPushBack( txt );

The line I commented out is causing the crash in acrobat.
When I run it with “SetIntentName”, Acrobat reader crashes when opening the file. “StackOverflow” in “Annot.api”.

The PDF-Ref guide speaks about…

IT name (Optional; PDF 1.6) A name describing the intent of the free text annotation (see
also Table 8.17). Valid values in PDF 1.6 are FreeTextCallout, which means that
the annotation is intended to function as a callout, and FreeTextTypeWriter,

How can I resolve this issue?

Kind regards,

Tom S.