Add custom action on long click context menu

hi guys,
I am using PDFNET SDK for Xamarin
And now want to add a custom menu along with a custom action to insert a custom POI on openning PDF.
Currently when long touch we have: Note|Signature|Ink|Text|Arrow|Line|Rectagle|Eclipse and want to add something like POI at the end.
Can you guys tell me if it avaiable to add, or we can not touch anything more on this ?

great thanks,

Hi Trong,

Customizing existing tools in C# is not supported.
However, you will be able to customize the Tools functionality through changing the native code (i.e. Java for Xamarin.Android and Objective-C for Xamarin.iOS).
We provide the native Tool’s source code in the Xamarin package.
Once’s you have the customized tools source code, you will be able to bind it back to C#.

Please refer to the getting started guide for binding details:

Best Regards,

Shirley Gong
Software Developer | PDFTron Systems, Inc. |


thanks Shirley,

We can i find the native code? I thought it is packed as library and i can not make any modification on this

Hi Trong,

For the source code, please fill out the request form at: