Add watermark for Signature & import signature image in iOS

Product:iOS SDK

Product Version: 10.8.0

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1.Unable to add watermark image behind signature
2.How to import the image of signature to signature list.

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I have subclass PTDocumentController and adding the signature with default long press property.

  1. But I want to add watermark after select the signature or signed in document.
    I created object of PTDigitalSignature,PTSavedSignaturesViewController and PTFloatingSigViewController and confirm their delegate in the same PTDocumentController subclass. So I can receive event after signature selection and can add watermark image. But delegate is not calling,

PTDigitalSignatureTool * digTool = [[PTDigitalSignatureTool allocOverridden]initWithPDFViewCtrl:self.pdfViewCtrl];

digTool.delegate = self;

and added delegate method
-(void)digitalSignatureToolDidSelectSignature:(PTDigitalSignatureTool*)signatureTool image:(UIImage *)image {
but not a single delegate is calling.

  1. I want to import default signature to signature lis, So user will have a choice to annotate or select stored signature or select imported signature.

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Hello Shabir,
Thank you for your question. In order to further assist you, would you be willing to submit a Technical Support Ticket? This way, we can directly address what you are trying to achieve. Iā€™m providing a link for your convenience:
We look forward to your response.

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