Added APIs to enable/disable annotation dragging and scrolling in PDFTron 8.11.0

WebViewer Version: 8.11.0

I’m using latest version 8.11.0. How can we APIs to enable/disable annotation dragging and scrolling?

I tried to looking that functionality in documentation but could not found.

can you provide that reference link or their method directly?

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Hi alt.fw-btn2rdt,

thank you for contacting us regarding Webviewer.

I’m assuming you want to disable annotation from being moved in Webviewer?

If so, you could use the NoMove property from the Annotation class. PDFTron WebViewer Class: Annotation

Please let us know if this resolve your issue, thank you.

Hello there,
Thanks for suggestion. Actual we want to stop move pdf along with annot when moving annotation after zoom pdf file.

  1. Zoom PDF file
  2. Select Annot and drag and drop on pdf but in background pdf also moving
  3. but I don’t want to move pdf, I want to move only annotation in zoom mode.

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Hi alt.fw-btn2rdt,

Thank you for providing the information.

In this case, you can use the API “instance.Core.Tools.AnnotationSelectTool.disableDragScroll” after you initialize Webviewer instance with latest Webviewer version.

}, document.getElementById('viewer')
.then(instance => {

Please let us know if this works for you, thank you.

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It’s working now. Thanks