Added license key check logic in WebViewer-video 4.35.x

WebViewer Version: 10.6.0
WebViewer-Video Version: 4.35.5

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Added license key check logic in 4.35.x versions

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Good day. We are upgrading the WebViewer-video package from 4.34.0 to 4.35.5 and noticed a cypress test we are running as part of our build pipeline fails because of this error message:

True enough, the system under test is running neither as an https nor a localhost. We can try to find a way around this issue but we would also like to ask the reason or business case for why this logic is added before we proceed.

Thank you!

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Hello @joserafael.arce,

Thank you for contacting WebViewer support,

As mentioned in the modal, in order to properly verify license keys, it is required for us to have a secure connection, hence the recommendation for https or localhost.

After speaking to the development team, they informed me that in previous versions such as yours an error would still be thrown, but only in the console, which may not have been helpful enough. Hence, a change was made to modify the message and display an error modal.

Hope this answers your question!

Best Regards,
Jacob Romano Carlsen
Web Development Support Engineer
Apryse Software Inc.

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