Adding a footer or header to an existing PDF page.

Q: I want to add page numbering to the actual pdf pages. Intuition
tells me I can do this by placing some custom text such as "Page x of
y" and position it as a footer on every page; where x is current page
number and y is total number of pages in document. Can you provide me
with some guidance on how best to tackle this? Is there some
"official" support for footers which will later appear on hard-copy
printout as well? Which portion of the API do I need to examine to add
elements to an existing page (ElemenWriter?)? Any add'l help in
positioning such that it appears near the bottom of the page would
also be appreciated.
A: Essentially, you would create new graphical elements (text, images,
etc) using 'pdftron.PDF.ElementBuilder' class and write them to an
existing page using 'pdftron.PDF.ElementBuilder'. The exactly the same
approach is used to create PDF pages from scratch (please see
ElementBuilder sample project), to add new content to existing pages
(, and to edit
existing pages (please see ElementEdit sample project).

For some sample code you may want to search PDFNet Knowledge Base
( for keywords such as
"rotated centered text stamp".