Adding a new row to an exiting table in PDF

Q: Right now I am trying to draw a new row to an existing table using

element builder CreateRect function:
            element = builder.CreateRect(pX, pY, pCellWidth,

Then writing the element, etc.

Is there any other way to create a new row in an existing table
structure without drawing it? For example, can I copy an existing row
and just modify the coordinates? Or is drawing it the only way?
A: You could copy certain page Elements from one page to another
(e.g. similar to code snippet 4 in ElementBuilder sample - that copies
elements using ElementReader). Unfortunately code to identify which
elements/paths are used to draw a single table row is not simple (e.g.
if the entire table is draw using a single path element etc). It is
much simpler to draw the additional rows yourself (you could try to
infer some style properties for the table [such as line width, stroke/
fill color, etc] from existing path elements).