Adding bookmark navigation to PDF viewer

Q: it is possible for the user to click on a page number in the
contents page and the
viewer will jump to the selected page. How can I add this functionality
to the viewer?


You can use PDFNet SDK ( to navigate using PDF
bookmarks. As a starting point you may want to take a look at Bookmark
sample project (
Among other things, the sample illustrates how to access/list/create a
bookmark tree for a give PDF document.

Applications implemented using PDFNet have flexibility to implement
navigation elements in different ways, as well as to provide custom
presentations for bookmarks. If you would like to mimic Acrobat Reader,
it should be relatively straightforward to populate a standard tree
control with Bookmark items.

When a user mouse-clicks on a given Bookmark item, you can instruct
PDFView to jump to a given page as follows:

Bookmark item ...
if (item.IsValid()) {
  Action action = item.GetAction();
  if (action.IsValid()) {
    if (action.GetType() == Action::e_GoTo) {
       Destination dest = action.GetDest();
       Page page = dest.GetPage();
       int page_num = page.GetIndex();

Using the same approach you have the flexibility to implement
completely custom actions.