Adding new custom signature when tapping anywhere on the opend pdf file

Good day

I’m still new on iOS development (Objective-C) and don’t understanding it.

I’m creating an app for signing pdf files legally using PDFTron SDK. I managed to open pdfs and sign on the default signature rectungle that appears when you set the “[_pdfViewCtrl SetHighlightFields:YES];” to true.

Now I have a button on my navigation controller, I want to tap on the button, and select anywher on the pdf and show the signature view, sign and place my signature on that point I selected on the pdf file.

Please help, thank you in advance.

Hi, if you take a look in the tools project code you can see how to do this. In particular our PDFViewCtrl and CompleteReader samples allow you to add a signature anywhere in a document. The code there will show you everything you need.

If you are planning on doing an actual digital signature, using a certificate, then let us know and we can assist further with those steps.

You spot on Sir. Much appreciation, I’ve looked at the two samples you mentioned and they have a long key press gestures that allow me to create a signature and place it where I selected. Thank you so much .