Adding rubber stamps on PDF using PDFNet SDK


Do you support rubber stamps on PDFs like this?

Please send me an example on which the user can decide where to place the stamp and

what it content looks like. If possible WPF VS 2010.


I’ve attached some sample code that shows how to create a custom stamp and apply it to a PDF. The custom stamp includes an image from the file system, and some lines and text added directly with PDFNet. If you do not wish to include any element of the stamp (image, lines or text), those portions can be omitted.

PDFNet also includes the sample projects PDFViewWPF and PDFViewWPFSimple, which could be customized to include the ability to interactively add the stamp shown in the attached sample. If the Stamper class’ method SetAsAnnotation is used before stamping, the stamp’s position can be easily modified by the user in the WPF control after it has been placed.