Adding underlined hyperlinks for Mac OS X Preview (Safari PDF viewer).

Q: I'm trying to create hyperlinks in documents that are underlined.

Here's my code:

// create hyperlink

Annot hyperlink = Annot.CreateLink(doc, word.GetBBox(),
Action.CreateURI(doc, ""));
Annot.BorderStyle(Annot.BorderStyle.Style.e_underline, 1));
hyperlink.SetColor(new ColorPt(0,0,255));

It seems "Preview" the Safari PDF viewer (Mac OS X) does not work
correctly with the BorderStyle but that Adobe Acrobat does.

If there would be a way to get a solid underline in Preview that'd be
A: This is a limitation (bug?) in Mac OS X Preview (or Safari PDF
viewer). To go around this limitation, you could create a thin
rectangle (i.e. a line) under the annotation bounding box. For an
example of how to add a path object to an existing PDF page, please
take a look at ElementBuilder sample project (or