Adjust pushbutton text alignment PDFTron

Product:PDF Net Windows

Product Version:9.0

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I am trying to place button text in the center of the box (pushbuttonwidget).

I have attached a code snippet (VB.NET) used to generate a pdf document with pushbuttonwidget. You can use any PDF document to place a pushbutton widget.

Problem: The text is displayed bottom-aligned.

I’ve included the attached screenshot of the PDFTron generated pdf document for you. “PDFTron_Output.png”

Expected Output: I have attached an image of the expected output. “Expected_Output.png”

Please guide us with a reference to align the pdf text. I have tried most of the guides on your website, but the text can’t be adjusted.

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Pushbuttonfont_adjust.pdf (48.4 KB)

Your code sample didn’t go through.

Note that 9.0 is an older version, so you might resolve your issue by using our latest 10.5 SDK release.

Otherwise, if you don’t like the default appearance you can edit the appearance, see this post to get started in editing the existing appearance.