Adjust the font size of textformfield controls on Fill & Sign

How to adjust the font size of text controls (TextFormField) on fill and sign mode.

During Form Preparation we are setting the font size of textFormfield say as (14pt). So
during fill and sign mode font size remains 14pt, can you suggest how to adjust the font size of textFormfield during fill and sign.

Please Find the attached snapshot for your reference.

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Hello @shankarenj

I’m not sure I follow.

You have set the font size to 14pt and you’ve said the size remains 14pt, right? What exactly do you mean by ‘adjust’ then?

During Fill & Sign, Is there any provision to change the font size of text field ?

Such that the input data size will be adjusted( or changed) to make fit inside the provided space.

Please refer snapshot attached in previous comment.

Hello @shankarenj

You can change the font size of a text widget by using something similar to the following code:

const { annotationManager } = instance.Core;
const annotation = annotationManager.getAnnotationsList()[0];
annotation.font.size = 50;
annotationManager.drawAnnotations({ pageNumber: annotation.PageNumber, majorRedraw: true})