Algorithm to sign SHA1?

Hello I would kindly have some information about the encryption method used in the Sign method.
I’ve developed an application signature graphometric using your library and I used as a language of development and I am using the version number of your libreira V6.7.1.55157 downloaded from NuGet.
I tried to sign a document and everything works properly, but I have tried to verify the document with the online software of our Agency Italy Digital ( architectures / signatures-electronic / software-checking) and unfortunately I get errors because it seems that the Italian standard is necessary to encrypt the SHA2 algorithm, but instead seem to find the SHA1 algorithm.
So the first question is whether it is true that PDFNet using SHA1 and if so ask if you can use the SHA2 algorithm and how do it.

Thanks for collaboration.

Best regards.

You need to switch to AES256 encryption, which will use a SHA2 hash function (SHA256 I believe).

When you create your StdSecurityHandler instance you can pick StdSecurityHandler.AlgorithmType.e_AES_256 in the constructor

For instance, in C# the following.

StdSecurityHandler newAes256Handler = new StdSecurityHandler(StdSecurityHandler.AlgorithmType.e_AES_256); newAes256Handler.ChangeUserPassword(my_password); doc.SetSecurityHandler(newAes256Handler); doc.Save(output_path, SDFDoc.SaveOptions.e_Linearized);