All the windows store sample app's appear to be C#/XAML, are there not any JavaScript ones?

All the windows store sample app’s appear to be C#/XAML, are there not any JavaScript ones?


With the SDK, there is a PDFDrawDemoJS project which demonstrates how to open and read a file using JavaScript.

Other than that, all the functions used in our C# samples should work in JavaScript as well.

The functions are automatically using camelCasing for JavaScript. So for example, Element.GetGState in C#, will get Element.getGState in JavaScript. That is, you should be able to create element in JavaScript exactly the same way as you do in C#.

However, the PDFViewCtrl class is not available for JavaScript, as you cannot build controls that are available for both platforms. So if you want to create a PDFViewer, you will have to use PDFDraw, or PDFRasterizer, classes and implement your own viewer experience.

Also, because JavaScript isn’t statically typed, we can not expose more than 1 function of the same name with the same number of parameters for JavaScript. We have tried to make the most universal version of a function the one available in each of these cases