[Android/iOS] Options for customizing mobile PDF viewer


What’s the easiest way to disable the “Copy” option for selected text on Android/iOS? It looks built-into the core pdf view.

A: PDFTron Customers are provided with the entire source code for libPDFViewCtrlTools.a (on iOS) or tools.jar (on Android). This is where all of the GUI and user interaction code is implemented, including the menus, text selection and annotation creation/editing. With the source code, disabling the “copy” menu is easy; however, with the demo it is not possible because only the compiled libPDFViewCtrlTools is available.


Starting with version 6.1.0 of the Android PDFNet SDK, the Tools library is now shipped as an Android Library, and its source code can be found in the samples folder. The package does not include the Tools.jar anymore, and you now have the flexibility to include the source directly into your project or create a separate library for your projects.