Android PDF library: thumbnails, bookmarks, links, video

Q: I tested your evaluation version of PDFNet Mobile SDK for Android ( It works great. Now in this evaluation version the pdf viewer which scrolls the page vertically by default. But we need a pdf engine to load pdf pages in single mode and slide it horizonatally. And we need some additional features also.

  1. Thumbnail view of pdf pages.

  2. Bookmark options.

  3. Hyper-link Options.

  4. Video and Audio files should be play inside pdf.

A: The built-in support for horizontal layout is in the works and will be available soon. Btw, PDFNet SDK also includes all low-level components that could be used to build new controls from scratch (although we hope this will not be necessary).

  1. Thumbnail view of pdf pages.

You can obtain thumbnails and PDF bitmaps using ‘pdftron.PDF.PDFDraw’. There is also a sample project called PDFDraw illustrating the basic use of this class.

  1. Bookmark options.

You can access (and manipulate) document outline as shown in the Bookmarks sample project ( At some point we will also extend the viewer sample to include bookmarks panel.

  1. Hyper-link Options.

Could you please describe the requirement in more details. Link navigation is already supported in the sample and the tools module can be tweaked to customize the UI.

  1. Video and Audio files should be play inside pdf

You can use PDFNet API ( to extract vide and avi streams from PDF. These streams can then be played using native Android API.