Android: PDFViewCtrl not vertically scrollable when keyboard is open


The PDFViewCtrl is not scrollable while the keyboard is open. (not working in the CompleteReader sample project)

Using android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan" alleviates the issue somewhat, but ideally the user would be able to vertically scroll the PDFViewCtrl while the keyboard is open.

I've tried wrapping the PDFCtrlView in a scrollView, but this has no effect.

Any ideas on how to approach this?


We do not currently support scrolling while the keyboard is open, and there has not been any other demand for this to be changed.

Why is scrolling while the keyboard is visible important for you?

We have forms with quite a lot of fields. It’s quite natural for the user to click a field, start typing, and then attempt to scroll the page. Google Forms behaves this way, and it’s also default for EditTexts inside scrollable parent views.

Any workarounds to try? I’ve attempted to use a PreToolManagerListener, but I don’t receive onScrollChanged callbacks while the keyboard is open.


Unfortunately with the current design this might be not very well supported. In order for form fields to commit correctly, once a touch event occurs outside of the EditText area we close the EditText and commit the changes to the PDF.
However, the Tools source code is provided to you for just these cases.
To get started, please take a look at and