Angular: missing functions and Events on semantic comparaison

Product: webviewer - Angular

Product Version: 8.8.0

I’m trying to implement sementic comparaison for pdf and word document using this article : PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation

I have the latest version “@pdftron/webviewer”: “^8.8.0"” but some properties are missing.

I can’t use :
UI.Events.MULTI_VIEWER_READY (Property ‘MULTI_VIEWER_READY’ does not exist)
Core.getDocumentViewers (Property ‘getDocumentViewers’ does not exist on type ‘typeof Core’)
UI.Feature.MultiViewerMode (Property ‘MultiViewerMode’ does not exist)

can you help me figure this out ?

Hi @rodolphebansard

Thanks for reaching out to support. Unfortunately this feature won’t be available until WebViewer 8.9 releases. We don’t have a set date yet but I’d estimate in the next couple weeks. I’ve let the team know about the documentation and it should be clarified it’s for 8.9+ soon.

If you’d like to test the feature out before the official release, you can download our nightly experimental build and play with it yourself. PDFTron Systems Inc. | Nightly

Also as part of 8.9, we have built our own built-in compare so you no longer need to implement yourself. You can follow this guide: PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation

Thanks for your patience! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Adam Sinclair
Software Developer