ANN: Changes to support policy

In order to make solutions to common problems easier for everyone to find, PDFTron is changing its support policy.

Free support is being transitioned to the PDFNet Forums (!forum/pdfnet-webviewer,!forum/pdfnet-sdk) and StackOverflow (

Direct support will be only available to Annual Maintenance & Support Subscribers (, or those who have found bugs in PDFTron software. If you need to share confidential information, please use the Report a Problem Form ( rather than emailing support directly or posting to publicly-visible forums.

To summarize:

  • If you’ve found a bug in PDFTron software, please use the Report a Problem form:

  • If you have a technical question (“How do I do this?” or “I’m seeing this error, why?”) please post your question on one of the following forums:

PDFNet Forum:!forum/pdfnet-sdk

WebViewer Forum:!forum/pdfnet-webviewer

PDFTron on Stackoverflow:

If you have a valid AMS subscription, you can also use the Report a Problem form (if you need to share confidential information).

  • If you have a question about licensing, please email sales at pdftron dot com. If you’d like to receive a quote, please use the Quote Request Form:

  • If you have a feature request, you can submit it through:

  • If you’d like to request custom development, you can do so at:

  • If you’re just looking into PDFTron software for the first time, please tell us more about what you’re looking for at: