ANN: PDFNet SDK update for iOS (iPad/iPhone) - 2012.04.04

Just a small anouncement regaring the latest PDFNet SDK update for iOS (iPad/iPhone):

Changes to PDFViewCtrl:

  • Retina display support for iPhone and iPad

  • A new Print API. Uses iOS Air Print, but prepares the document by flattening annotations and removing encryption.

  • New APIs for highlighting text (highlightSelectedTextWithColor:, hideSelectedTextHighlights)

  • Added new delegate methods for outer scroll view.

  • Added new ToolChanged delegate method that can be used to update toolbars, etc.

  • Links are highlighted when activated.

  • Support for transparent background (so that a non-moving thatched background can be shown behind pages).

  • Added a new custom event on PDFViewCtrl that can be called manually when a “custom” event has occurred and handled by a tool. See StickyNoteCreate and Tool selectors “noteEditCancelButtonPressed” and “saveNewNoteForMovingAnnotationWithString:” for example usage.

  • Bug fixes.

Changes to Tools:

  • New FreeText tool.

  • New tools TextHighlightCreate, TextSquigglyCreate, TextStrikeoutCreate and TextUnderlineCreate that immediately mark up text without the need to select the text first.

  • New tool mode that allows a tool not to switch back to another tool after TouchesEnded.

  • Sticky notes are now automatically opened for editing when created.

  • Added a page indicator in the tool base class.

  • Increased default thickness of markup annotations.

  • Tools has built-in iPhone compatibility for the ColorPicker and note editor.

  • Improved performance of FreeHand tool.

  • Selecting text now allows widgets to cross.

  • Bug fixes.