ANN: PDFNet v.4.0.9 update

August 29. 2008.
PDFNet v.4.0.9 update

What’s New:

  • Performance and compatibility improvements.
  • Improvements in rendering quality.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • An option to treat the page as transparent backdrop.
  • Ability to embed and compress images using JPEG2000 compression
    (using “JP2” hint passed in Image.Create() methods).
  • Support for 64-bit platforms (PDFNet for C/C++/JAVA).

New Types and Methods:

  • PDFDraw.SetPrintMode()
  • PDFRasterizer.SetPrintMode()
  • PDFDraw::SetPageTransparent()

Name Changes:

  • For clarity, SecurityHandler.Permission.e_all and
    SecurityHandler.Permission.e_doc_secure permissions to
    SecurityHandler.Permission.e_owner. For example, the following line
    can be used to check if the user has ‘owner’ access to the document:
    sec_hdlr.GetPermission(SecurityHandler.Permission.e_owner). The same
    call can be used to determine whether a given password is ‘user’ or