ANN: PDFNet v.5.9.0 update

  • What’s New in PDFNet v.5.9 (November 8, 2012 - Version 5.9.0)

  • New Digital Signature API is now available on all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, WinRT) and across languages (C++/C, Java, .NET, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, PHP, etc.). With the help of the new API, PDF files can be digitally signed and certified with minimum coding and maximum flexibility. PDFNet can be quickly integrated with most popular security APIs. To get started with the Digital Signature API, please see the new DigitalSignaturesTest sample.

  • AES 256: Includes support for 2 unpublished algorithms plus support for the official upcoming PDF 2.0 versions of AES 256.

  • PDFViewCtrl.OpenURL(…) can now incrementally download remote documents. If documents are linearized, pages can be downloaded and viewed in random access order – without need to download the entire document. A viewing session can also be persisted across multiple viewing/application sessions to remove redundant downloads and improve overall performance.

  • New options to extract PDF annotations as XFDF/FDF and to merge existing an XFDF/FDF with a PDF. PDFNet can now selectively import and export markup, forms, or a combination of the two. For an example of how to use the new API, please see the updated FDF sample project.

  • Improved font substitution on Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Linux. On Linux, PDFNet can now work with fontconfig out-of-the-box.

  • Improved font subsetting: PDFNet can now subset TrueType, OpenType, CFF, Type1, and MMaster. Previously only TrueType was supported.

  • New option to add text via glyph indices (GIDs).

  • Improved PDF serialization produces smaller files.

  • PDF/A Validator and Converter now include support for PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3. To get started, please see the updated PDF/A sample project.

  • Improved Python bindings: Support for different Python variants (including 2 and 4 byte Unicode Linux variants).

  • Support for .NET Framework 4.5

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes throughout the library.

Changes in the PDFNet WebViewer Publisher Add-On:

  • The WebViewer now includes Flash support which can be used as a fallback on browsers that are missing HTML5 support. For an example of the Flash WebViewer in action, please refer to the online demo.
  • The WebViewer-HTML5 client now comes with built-in markup and collaboration support. The new annotation APIs can be used to develop custom annotation and to integrate the viewer with any backend system.
  • WebViewer-HTML5 mobile client is revamped to provide optimal efficiency and great viewing experience even on complex documents.
  • ‘pdftron.PDF.Convert.ToXod()’ and PDFNet Cloud API include new options that can be used to tune documents for smooth and optimal viewing experience across browsers, platforms, and devices.

New PDFNet SDK for WinRT/Metro/Windows 8-style UI::

  • PDFNet SDK is now available as a WinRT component suitable for development of modern Windows 8 apps.
  • PDFNet SDK for WinRT enables developers to significantly reduce their time-to-market while delivering top-notch PDF processing with amazingly fast and optimized rendering.
  • The SDK contains a set of application programming interfaces (APIs), sample code, comprehensive documentation, and source code (with source code license).
  • Besides an industry leading PDF viewer, the SDK comes with built-in support for text search/selection, links, bookmarks, interactive forms, and annotations (text highlight, underline, strikeout, squiggly, line, rectangle, ellipse, arrow, sticky note, free-text, and free-hand tool).

New Types and Methods in PDFNet Core API:

  • SDF.SignatureHandler class
  • PDFDoc.HasSignatures()
  • PDFDoc.AddSignatureHandler()
  • PDFDoc.RemoveSignatureHandler()
  • PDFDoc.GetSignatureHandler()
  • PDFDoc.Save(Filter/Stream, …)
  • PDFDoc.Extract(forms/markup/both)
  • TextExtractor.GetTextUnderAnnot()
  • PDFDraw.Export(Filter/Stream, …)
  • PDFView.SetBackgroundColor() allows for transparent and textured backgrounds.
  • PDFViewCtrl.OpenURL()
  • PDFViewCtrl.RequestRendering()
  • PDFViewCtrl.IsFinishedRendering(visible_region_only)
  • Font.Encoding enum
  • Font.CreateCIDTrueTypeFont(…, Encoding)
  • Font.Create(doc, font_name)
  • Font.Create(doc, stc_font)
  • Field.UseSignatureHandler()
  • FDFDoc.MergeAnnots()

New Types and Methods in WebPublisher Add-On:

  • Convert.XODOutputOptions.SetThumbnailSize()
  • Convert.XODOutputOptions.SetMaximumImagePixels()
  • Convert.XODOutputOptions.SetFlattenContent()
  • Convert.XODOutputOptions.SetPreferJPG()
  • Convert.XODOutputOptions.SetSilverlightTextWorkaround()

Other Changes:

  • Page.GetBoundingBox() → Page.GetVisibleContentBox()